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  • Pavlakis hired an autotaxi at the stand and as it drove away from the station he rolled down the windows to let the wet spring air invade the cab. EPILOGUE That night he lay in Teilani's arms, listening to the gentle rhythm of her breathing. And this crankcase, he said, was it still in the car? Except for a somewhat withered look about its skin, and the stiff posture of its limbs, the corpse could almost pass as a living man, Denzil thought.
  • Afterwards she reconstructed the sequence: Russell had yanked her shin sideways so that her foot slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator, then thrown the automatic transmission into reverse, then leaned hard on her knee. The war between Troicinet and Lyonesse was now an embarrassment for King Casmir. One thing, when you see Paula, please tell her from me to stop concentrating on the details, it's the big picture that counts.

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    While they crossed, there had been time for Taita to consider their predicament. The foot soldiers sleep in the lobby, laid out straight and narrow in coin lockers next to their AK-47s, and the priests and generals live in nice rooms higher up.

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